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Our Mission is to inspire, educate and empower you take control over your health so you can live life without limitations. Start the new decade with a new YOU.  Because you're a valued member of our community we want to empower YOU

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Are you stuck in the conventional medical model that treats symptoms not the root cause of what's making you feel sick, tired and in pain? You're not alone.

We've been there too and our journey is what led us to create Wellness Empowered U.

Are you feeling ... 

... stuck in a game of whack-a-mole fighting persistent health issues that keep resurfacing

... like you're drowning in medical bills, lab fees, treatments, prescriptions, and more


... you're wasting valuable time trying inefficient (and sometimes — ineffective) treatments

... Isolated or lacking  community support when you need it the most

The KickStart to Wellness Course and Wellness Empowered U offer a safe and cost effective program so YOU can achieve your health, wellness and lifestyle goals.

Are you having health issues but lack the time, money or support to overcome them?

Do you feel like you're only treating your symptoms, not the root cause?


Here's What You'll Get in the Kick Start to Wellness Course:

Everything you need for long term sustainable transformational change!

Course workbook including a health questionnaire, self assessment, goal setting and daily journal
85 page cookbook with 100 recipes and guidelines for stocking your refrigerator and pantry 
15+ downloadable handouts offering tips and techniques for everything from overcoming sugar addictions to strategies for improving sleep
Powerpoint slides for all modules
Lisa and Susan's 50 years of combined experience helping people like you achieve their health and wellness goals

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Access to the private Wellness Empowered Community where you can join with like-minded, healthy people supporting one another and celebrating success.


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with Lisa and Susan

Weekly live Q&A calls with Lisa and Susan
….ask us anything! Take advantage of over 50 years of experience practicing wellness.

Kick Start to Wellness Course Modules Include:
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About Susan and Lisa

Susan S. Brady is a licensed Physical Therapist, Doctor of Integrative Medicine and Nutrition Consultant whose goal is to help you live your healthiest and most vibrant life possible.

Susan brings a rich diversity of experience and knowledge to the healthcare profession. After graduating from the University of Southern California in 1989 with a Master of Physical Therapy, she began working outpatient physical therapy treating individuals with a wide variety of muscle and skeletal disorders. It quickly became apparent to Susan that patients engaged in eating a nutritious diet and following a healthy lifestyle experienced a more rapid and complete recovery. In 2003, Susan began to pursue her Doctor of Integrative Medicine at Capital University of Integrative Medicine where she learned the importance of evaluating a person as a whole.  She continued her passion for learning and obtained advanced certifications in Nutrition and Integrative Health from Maryland University of Integrative Health in 2014. 

Susan uses her extensive education in a variety of alternative treatments and therapies to evaluate a person as a whole, considering all aspects of one’s health and well-being.

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Lisa Jackson, RN, CHC, FDN-P,  Functional Medicine Coach   

In her lifetime Lisa has witnessed the rising epidemic of cancers, diabetes, and autoimmune disease as well as an increase in anxiety, depression and insomnia. As a mother of four adult children and two grandchildren, she's passionate to change this trajectory. 

Lisa has taught nutrition as a Registered Nurse and as a Certified Health Coach and understands how every one of us are unique. She applies Functional Medicine to identify each patient’s unique root cause to their dis-ease.

Lisa believes that, even though optimal health is not complicated, making long term sustainable change can be challenging. Having a strong support system is essential. Having a good supportive community is vital. 

In her private practice, she partners with clients who are seeking a sustainable approach to health. This approach includes necessary testing to reveal root causes and a customized, unique and comprehensive treatment plan that encompasses nutrition, physical activity, stress reduction, lifestyle, personalized supplementation, and root cause therapies. This approach benefits people who are seeking support for chronic inflammatory conditions, thyroid conditions, autoimmunity, digestive problems, as well as overall optimal health.