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Let’s face it…Healthcare today is confusing.

If you’re like many people, you’re dealing with complex health issues, have been to multiple physicians and practitioners, and yet are still suffering.

Or maybe you’re in good health and  want to continue to live a vibrant, energetic life for as long as possible.

No matter your health status, you want to consistently feel and look your best.

We’re Lisa Jackson and Susan Brady and we understand!

Together we have over 50 years of clinical experience, have overcome our own healthcare challenges, and feel and look better today than 20 years ago. 

You too can feel this way.  

Our mission is to remove the barriers keeping you from living your healthiest life, so you get to be the best spouse, parent, grandparent, employer, employee, or friend you can be!



“I am already noticing significant improvement with my mood and energy. My depression and anxiety feel almost non existent. My energy levels are way up as well. No sugar and junk food cravings : ) This has been such a great help to me and I appreciate everything Lisa has done to help me get back to feeling better.”


“I had 4 major surgeries in one year. During that time, Susan created a healing and wellness program for me integrating nutrition, special exercises, alternative therapies and lifestyle modifications. She was caring, sensitive and really listened to me! Today, I am pain free and my family is even healthier as a result.”

“I really enjoyed Lisa’s and Susan’s Women’s Health Summit! learned a lot from the video presentations.”

“I have an improved relationship with food. Instead of feeling deprived, you showed me new foods to enjoy. Rather than load up on a lot of meds, we adjusted my diet to align with food sensitivities and deficiencies and woola!  Here I am!  I am now in a totally new state of life.  I am living life to its fullest without fear.  To have each day bring joy and happiness is my new goal, thanks to you.”


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